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Make New Friends

Make New Friends

Our skiers are fantastic folks. Making new friends and hanging with old ones make each tour more than just skiing.

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  • “Dan is mean and hurtful, but his ski trips are EPIC [...]

  • Someone asked me once “Are you a good skier?” I replied, “for an overweight, beer-swilling, middle-aged, English City dweller, I [...]

  • Morningstar’s yearly ski trip to Europe has satisfied our need for backcountry, powder, trees, steeps, and all that other unbelievable terrain [...]

  • “Traveling with Morningstar is an amazing adventure – South America, Europe, Alaska, and the many Rocky Mountain trips have been truly memorable!  Dan [...]

  • We’ve been going on trips with Morningstar for over fifteen years. 
    We just pick the trips we’d like to go [...]

  • Since 2005, I’ve enjoyed epic ski experiences in 9 Countries on 3 Continents with Morningstarskitours. Epic because of varied mountaintop slopes [...]

  • I have been skiing with Dan and the Morningstar gang for the last 6+ years. As my spouse does not ski, it [...]

  • We’ve been part of the Morningstar family since 1996, traveling with Dan to Europe, Chile, New Zealand, and all over Western [...]

  • My first trip was Zermatt and around the Matterhorn and I’ve been hooked ever since (11 or 12 years now).  Dan [...]

  • “Dan, thanks for all the wonderful ski trips with Morningstar.  I’ll never forget skiing Courmayeur, Italy… schussing down various little valleys [...]

  • Morningstar trips rock! Backcountry experiences are awe inspiring and of course safe. New friendships are formed each and every excursion. We want [...]

  • It’s hard for me to believe that I’ve been skiing and traveling the world with Dan the Skiman and Morningstar [...]

  • Some of the best times of my life have been traveling and skiing with the Morningstar “family” of friends.  From 1988 until [...]

    Hank (Lucky) Rilling

    Scenic Cruiser

  • For several decades, I have been skiing with my wife in many places in Europe and in the North America. We both [...]

  • For the past 10 yeas  I have been traveling with my boyfriend all over the world on adventures put together by Morningstar [...]

  • I have skiied with Dan 20 years this year.  I have gotten to ski all over the world with Morningstar. I have [...]