Big Sky in Jan/Feb AIR UPDATE info

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The Big Sky trip is on and a go. For those flying from Tucson, the air is problematic. Quite frankly, it stinks. It is too expensive and the times are bad. We found a solution: fly from Phoenix and save a ton. Below is an email we sent out yesterday. KEEP IN MIND: YOU CAN CUSTOMIZE BIG SKY TRIP as you need. The 1 hour shuttle rides run all the time, so you can add or subtract days as needed. You can chose flights that arrive and depart any time.  Let us know if interested. We can only hold the rooms thru end of Nov. without a deposit.   Skiman


Potential Big Sky skiers…

I have found perfect air today.  As i write this, i can get enough seats for all interested so far in going.  The flights are a base of @360 bucks with 54 in taxes.  The times are perfect (no death march times)…. The flights lv from phx… They are a couple hundred less than tucson. Tucson to bozeman just is not work doing unless you want to use miles or something.  If those of you interested in going commit, we have a trip.  This is CHEAP air for bozeman. Believe me on this!  This year, Bozeman is a problem to get to and it is expensive. This is the best way to make this trip happen.
I would suggest the following:
If you are in, let me know today or as soon as you can. I want to jump on the air . It will not be here at this price forever, i assure you. These days, if you find good air deals, you need to grab them pretty quickly. They vaporize.

If you have some health concern that you are waiting to find out about with yourself or a family member, I suggest you buy the air now.  Buy a trip cancellation policy from me and you would have the air cost covered.  I am now set up to sell inexpensive trip cancellation insurance on ALL of my trips, so it is cheap and easy to do… Just BUY THE AIR, BUY THE INSURANCE, AND DON’T WORRY.  Then you can have the option of going when things go your way or you will be out no money except the cost of the policy.. It is a good way to do this.

Go to the website and look at the pricing stuff. I am not doing condos, even though they are cheaper. I have always wanted to stay at the Huntley lodge and this is the best price i have ever been able to get there. In fact, it is the only time I have been offered a good deal there. So, bottom line:  you are looking at the Huntley lodge for your stay, single or double occ.

ALSO KEEP IN MIND THAT YOU CAN ALTER THE DATES ON EITHER END OF THE TRIP.  You can make it shorter or longer. It does not matter as the shuttle buses run all the time. So if you need a day and night less, no prob.  You can do whatever you want.

PAYMENT;  If I can get you all to commit soon, I will get this air for everyone. It is just easier for me to do it this way. I will come back to you and let you know it is a go. Then I will ask you to do a Paypal payment for the air and the trip deposit.  Normally, I have people pay a 3% surcharge on all paypal payments, but because I am trying to expedite this and get the air done and set, I will pay the 3% fee. So using paypal for this particular deposit will not incur the usual fee.

Ball is in your court, guys!  Ponder and let me know.   Trust me on this… The Huntley Lodge is a fab place that usually costs a lot more to stay in. The air i am offering here is super cheap for Bozeman.  Big Sky is not going to get any better than this.  Jump on this opportunity now.  skiman