Croatian Day by Day Itinerary

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veniceDAY 1: MARCH 26  ~~ VENICE, ITALY  Everyone arrives in Venice where we will spend the night at the 4 star President Hotel. This hotel is located in Maestra, near the train station. It is not in the old part of Venice. The logistics of getting to the old part of Venice (moving your bags by water taxi, etc.) makes it too difficult for a one night stay. Our hotel is close to the water taxi stations and a short boat ride away from the heart of old Venice. You can anticipate having part of the afternoon and evening in Venice.   Hotel: President Hotel

DAY 2: MARCH 27 ~~ ISTREA, CROATIA  We will leave Venice mid-morning by charter bus for the 3 hour drive to Rovinj, in the Istrea province of Croatia. We will have time for lunch on your own and a  walking tour of Rovinj. Then we will proceed on to Opatija where your hotel for the second night awaits you.  5 star property, right on the water… should be wonderful! 


frankopanDAY 3: MARCH 28 ~~ ISTREA AND OGULIN   We will travel a short while to the hilltop town of Motovun, where we will do a walking tour. Then, we head towards Ogulin, where our hotel for night three is. Along the way we will visit several points of interest.  Upon arrival at Ogulin, you are at leisure to explore the village on your own until dinner. A dinner will be served in the old wine cellar of the castle that our hotel is built into, and is included in your package.  Hotel: Frankopan


DAY 4: MARCH 29 ~~ PLITVICE LAKES NATIONAL PARK  We leave Ogulin in the morning for the 1 hour drive to the entrance to Plitvice Lakes. We will spend 3 to 4 hours there on a walking tour and boat ride. After our tour of Plitvice Lakes, we will proceed on to Split.  On the way, we will have a fantastic stop at a local farm where we will have explanations of what they make and then we will sample their wares in a lunch with wine!  The cost of the lunch and wine is not included in the tour cost, but it will be minimal. After lunch, we will proceed on to Split for our hotel stay there.  In the morning, we will have a walking tour of Split before we leave on the ferry for Hvar Island. 

Sunset over the bay of Split.

Sunset over the bay of Split.

DAY 5: MARCH 30 ~~ HVAAR  In the morning, we will have a 2 hour walking tour of Split. After lunch on your own, we will be taken to the nearby ferry station, where we will board our ferry to the island of Hvar. We will arrive in Hvar late afternoon, where you will be at leisure to explore the harbor town and the hilltop fortress. 2 nights in Hvaar



DAY 6: MARCH 31 ~~ HVAR  You will have the entire day to do with as you please. Scooter and boat rentals, walking, shopping, spa treatments, just hanging out… up to you!  

This tram takes you up to the fortress buiilt by Napoleon. Short cheap ride to paradise-like views.

This tram takes you up to the fortress buiilt by Napoleon. Short inexpensive ride to a superb view of the city.

DAY 7: APRIL 1 ~~ DUBROVNIK  We will return to Split by ferry boat in the morning. Upon arrival in Split, we will board our charter bus for the 4 hour ride to Dubrovnik. On the way a special stop in Ston. In the words of our guide:

“The  day when we go from Split to Dubrovnik, it is 4 hours driving, what do you say that we make coffee break in city Makarska and later lunch in Ston? Check that place, you will love it, One of oldest places on Croatian coast, with second largest fortified wall in world, oldest salt factory on whole Mediterranean  sea… For lunch there I know restaurant that you will love,

In the words of Bob Dylan: "Everybody must get to Ston". So, we will!

In the words of Bob Dylan: “Everybody must get to Ston”. So, we will!

speciality is black risoto and musselsl on buzara ( mussels cooked in wine with garlick and olive oil). We get 5 star food for only arround 15 euro per person..!”  Amazement included, lunch cost is not.  

Hotel in Dubrovnik : Grand Villa Argentina

DAY 8: APRIL 2 ~~ DUBROVNIK  In the morning, we will offer a 2.5 hour walking tour of ancient Dubrovnik. You do not want to miss this! What fascinating history this place has. After the walking tour, you are at leisure to do whatever you like: spa treatment, exploring the many shops and restaurants, walk the wall surrounding the city, take the aerial tram to the fortress built by Napoleon with breathtaking views of the city… whatever you like. 


DAY 9: APRIL 3 ~~ KOTOR BAY, MONTENEGRO / FLIGHT TO MILAN   In the morning, we will leave Dubrovnik on our charter bus and travel 1.5 hours to Kotor Bay, Montenegro where you will have the late morning and early afternoon to explore on your own. After lunch we will travel to the nearby airport (15 minutes drive) for the flight back to Milan MXP airport. There, most will spend the night awaiting their return flight to the U.S. on April 4. If you have chosen to organize this with us, you will be at the Sheraton Hotel right at the airport, a very short walk from the terminal.   

As the Warner Bros. cartoons used to say: “Thaaats all , folks!”