Puglia Logistics Page

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How to sign up for the Puglia tour

Tour dates: March 23 – April 1, 2019

We highly recommend you protect your trip a Trip Insurance policy. 

CLICK for details.

Air  If you are doing only the Puglia part of our tour, you need to arrange your international air so that you arrive in Bari, Italy airport any time on March 23.  You take a taxi to your hotel for the night of the 23rd.

For your return, you will be delivered to the Bari airport on the morning of April 1.  You can plan your return air accordingly. 

NOTE: If you are doing the Trois Valee Ski Week prior to the Puglia tour, YOU are responsible to purchase your air from Geneva to Bari, Italy on March 23.  Request our email with the logistics concerning this air.


   Taking your own skis for this trip will be a challenge.  You CANNOT take skis to the Puglia tour!  No way…. there will not be luggage capacity on our bus for ski bags.   And who wants to drag skis around for 9 days? BOOT BAGS are fine, just no skis.

   You have two options if you insist on taking your skis:

       1- You leave your skis in Geneva airport storage. It will cost you about $11 a day per bag. Assuming you leave a boot bag and ski bag the cost  is @ $220.  And, of course, you will have to fly back to Geneva to get your gear.

       2- Fly with your skis to Bari on March 23. You will have to pay at least $100 in excess bag  fees or more. Then you will have to take a taxi from the airport to the Bari train station (there is no storage facility at Bari airport) and store your skis there for $220.  Then you will have to taxi to your hotel from the train station. Of course, at the end of the Puglia tour, you will have to get yourself back to the Bari train station to get your gear on your own.

    Bottom line: Taking your own skis if you are doing the ski week AND Puglia is very problematic and expensive. Our advise: don’t put yourself through the torment. Just rent some high-end skis at the resort and call it good. You will save a lot of money and a lot of pain. You can still bring your boot bag along on the Puglia tour… Just leave the skis.  This will be Skiman’s 49th and 50th Alps ski weeks and for the first time ever, he is not bringing his skis.  It is just too much hassle. You do what you want concerning this, of course. But know what you are facing before deciding.


On the morning of APRIL 1 we will have everyone at the Bari Airport in the morning.  You will be on your own from that point as to what you do with your air.  You can do your international air back from Bari. It may entail having to fly to another major airport city and spending a night there to catch your international flight home. You have to work out your return air on your own.  Everyone’s situation is different.  Just know: you will be in Bari airport on the morning of April 1.

Currency adjustment possibility:  There is a chance the Euro could strengthen between the time of deposit and the time of final payment in January. This is a risk always with foreign travel. This could result in a small increase in the final payment amount due.

Minimum group size surcharge If the group is less than 20 paying participants, there will be an minimum group size surcharge assessed per person at time of final payment.  If indicated, it will be $79 per person. We do not anticipate this, but it is a possibility. AS OF DEC. 14, WE HAVE SURPASSED THIS MINIMUM GROUP SIZE.  

Deposit dates  First deposit due upon sign up.  The LATEST first deposit can be in is NOVEMBER 15, 2018. 

Amount of first deposit: $450 per person. 

Second deposit is due December 15, 2018.  Amount of second deposit is $450. 

Final payment January 20, 2019

Passports: Make sure you have one and that it does not expire withing 6 months of your departure date.

Cancellation Initial deposit is non-refundable and non-transferable. BUY trip insurance at time of deposit and your investment is covered in case you have to cancel for health reasons. From December 16 to January 20: forfeit 100% of initial deposits for ski weeks and post trip and any further cancellation penalties imposed by wholesalers, hotels, transport companies, or airlines. After final payment is made: 100% of first deposit amount for EACH segment and any further cancellation penalties imposed by wholesalers, hotels, transport companies.

dollarMethod of payment  Our goal is to offer quality trips at the best prices we can to our skier friends. Our prices are based on payment by check. However, it is possible to pay using PayPal on our site, but there is a 3% surcharge to do so. By check: Morningstar Ski Tours, Inc. 21080 Oriole Lane   Bend, OR  97703 skiingman94@gmail.com (520) 405-5508 www.morningstarskitours.com paypalPayPal: Link on our home page. Add 3% to the amount you are depositing to cover the surcharge from PayPal.

Trip insurance  WE HIGHLY RECOMMEND EVERYONE PURCHASE TRIP INSURANCE! It not only covers your trip investment if you have to cancel, but it also provides invaluable medical insurance, evacuation insurance, flight delay, lost bags. We never leave the country without a policy. Protect your trip and yourself and buy trip insurance! Buy it from us, or buy it from somewhere else.  Just buy it. We offer  this insurance. BUY COVERAGE AT TIME OF DEPOSIT! That way your money is protected from the start. Click for the details.

This trip has many complexities when it comes to room selections and costs. Please read below carefully and you will have a good picture of what your choices are. 

Room selection: Note that there are very limited numbers of each room type. The sooner you deposit on this tour, the better your chances of getting the room type you want. Once the room types sell out, you will have to choose from another category of room for that Masseria.

ROOM UPGRADES:  Note that the 3 Masseria properties are comprised of many room types of varying degrees of luxury. Not everyone will want the same room level. Of course, the nicer the room, the higher the cost.  Below are the additional costs by room type. The upgrade amounts shown below are per person and cover the entire stays at both Masserias.

Bari hotel single upgrade $60

Masseria I Luoghi di Pitti numbers:

  Masseri Laudati

            Single upgrade at Laudati is $ 96 for both nights

Masseria I Luoghi di Pitti upgrades:

             $70 above base  cost, double occ

             $221 single occ  above base price

   Jr suites rooms attidditional per person

            $89 dbl occ above base price

            $256 single occ above base price


            $149 dbl occ above base price

            $372single occ above base price

Deluxe suite

            $215 double occupancy above base price

            $488 single occupancy above base price

CERVAROLO upgrades:

            Single upgrade small classic base  room   $222

Double occupancy small classic room included in base price, limited number of this room type available


Dbl classic

            $29 double occ above base price

            $266 single occ above base price

Dbl superior

            $79 double above base price

            $362 single occ above base price

Jr. suites:

            +119 double occ above base price

            +$449 single occ above base price

Hotel  La Sorgente , last two nights:  Single upgrade is $139 in total for both nights