Rome pre-pre trip

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     Feb. 28-March 4 Pre-Pre trip before Cervinia ski week

Rome, Italy

    3 days, 3 nights four star hotel with breakfast, transfers to/from airport $459

$198 single occupancy upgrade  If you would like us to find you a same-sex room mate to avoid this added cost, just let us know. We cannot guarantee it, but we almost always are able to match people up.

This Rome tour is for folks who are doing the Assisi/Umbria pre-trip prior to the Assisi tour.



The coluseum has got to be on everyone’s list of things to see when in Roma. It is one of many whispers of the glory that was Rome.


Roman bath ruins, a part of Skiman’s special Rome day.


Piazza Navona used to be a chariot race track. Now it hosts great food and people watching. It is the most famous piazza in Rome and a great lunch spot.

    We will be staying in the heart of the ancient city in a fab four star hotel where breakfast will be included daily. You will be within easy striking distance to all the great sites that are must-sees: The Coliseum, The Roman Forum, the Vatican and its amazing museum, the Capitoline museum,and the Piazza Navona with its tremendous Bernini fountains. The list could go on and on. I have spent dozens and dozens of days in Rome. Each time I visit I always find something new and amazing. It seems there is something awesome around every corner. Have a lunch at Piazza Navona and marvel at the Bernini fountains. Check out the Bridge of the Angels, with more glorious Benini statues. Do a great 5 hour bicycle tour that will blow your mind. And then there is the food! It is said that you could not eat in all the great restaurants in Rome in a normal lifetime. I think that is correct, judging from the weight Skiman has gained there in his past visits! I would love to share my favorite city with my  friends, old and new. We have perfected my Skiman does Rome tour and have done it many times with our skier friends. It is a walking tour that takes a day. It includes some very cool sites that most tourists don’t go to. Skiman’s “Cool Rome Tour” is a part of this package for anyone interested. We will do it the first full day we are in Rome. It will be a blast! You can take advantage of my experiences in Rome to help point you to the sites that would most interest you. Rome is a stunning city to visit. If you have the time and the funds and you are doing Assisi, it is a pity to miss out on this trip. You are already there. Take advantage of it. You will not regret it. I promise you this: It is impossible to spend too much time in Roma!

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Amazing wall murals from an Roman villa that can be seen in an newly-found museum by Skiman and Deb. We had never been before and it blew us away! It has the best collections of entire wall murals and mosaic floors anywhere. If you wanna know where it is, ya have ta go with us!