Two Austrian ski weeks, pre-trip Munich, 7 day post-trip Slovenia

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Our 22nd Alps tour :  Ski weeks in Kitzbuhel and St. Anton, two World-Class Austrian resorts, with optional pre-trip to Munich,Germany and post-trip to Slovenia  

We only have one double room and one single room left for St. Anton.

We only have four double rooms and one single room left for Kitzbuhel.



Dan the Ski Man, president of Morningstar, enjoying a perfect Spring day at his home mountain, Mt.      Bachelor, Oregon.

“YOUR LIFE IS ONLY ONE.”  The English is wrong, but surely not the sentiment. On the last day of our ski week in Italy last year in Sestriere, my expert guided group  sadly ended  our last awesome backcountry day and headed back to the hotel. We needed a  ride home. Our taxi driver was quite a character. His passion was fishing. I (Skiman) was sitting in the front seat listening to his fishing feats. It became a bit unnerving when he started showing me photos on his phone of a 500 pound tuna he had caught as he drove on a curvy mountain road at a rapid speed! I loved his passion and his story-telling ability, but his driving, not so much! At the end of the ride, I paid him and we all tipped him. As I was leaving, he grabbed my arm,  smiled,  and said, “Your life is only one. You must keep doing what you love”. I believe the correct English sentiment is “You only go around once”. I totally understood what he was telling me and I gave him a goodbye hug. I loved that old guy’s heart. It beats to the same drummer as mine. I love to ski. I love skiing in the Alps. My life “is only one”. As long as I can, I will ski these majestic European mountains. In keeping with this sentiment, we happily and humbly present our 22nd consecutive Alps Adventure to all who share our passion for the mountains. Austria, Germany, Slovenia…. here we come!

   We have taken over 4,000 Americans to Europe over the past 21 years and we want to carry on in the tradition. The Austrian Alps offer some of the very best skiing in Europe and we have procured excellent deals at Kitzbuhel and St. Anton for March 2017. Our ski weeks are from $1144 and include 7 nights in 4-star lodges, daily breakfast and dinner, and private transfers.

   We are also offering amazing values on our 3 night Munich Germany pre-trips and a 7 night journey into a country we have never explored: Slovenia.  We will visit a lake with a castle in the middle, two world-class caves via train and easy walking, food tasting tours, and much more.  Slovenia is a tiny country and we will be able to cover it all with our longest daily drive being 2.5 hours max.  The pace will be relaxed and the adventure of  discovering a place new to us all will be priceless.

The dollar continues to crush the Euro so everything across the pond is a bargain right now. Click on the links at end of this  page for all the segment details. 

sestriere pensi boys and tracks 500

The Pensi boys lovin’ the tracks they laid down last year in Sestriere, Italy. There is plenty more of this to be had in Austria.

Join us this coming March and lay down some tracks of your own!

Before you check out 2017’s Europe tours, take a peak at some photos from our past two  year’s Alps ski tours and read Skiman’s essay about why he LOVES the Alps. 

 Read Skiman’s blog/essay: “Why I love to ski in Europe!”

Have a look at photos from our 2016 tours to Bormio/Livigno and Sestriere, Italy.  Yes, it really is this good in the Alps!  

See what we saw on our Croatia 2016 post-trip

Check out the pics by Paolo, one of our Italian guides who is also a great shooter. Some of the best pow shots ever!  

Trip information and links below.

kitz moon

 Kitzbuhel is one of the most charming ski villages in Europe.

March 10-18, 2017

Link to: Kitzbuhel, Austria  $1158 

Our Hotel Basur is cozy, warm, and very comfie. It truly is a home away from home.

Our Hotel Basur is cozy, warm, and very comfie. It truly is a home away from home.

St. Anton offers some of the most extensive terrain of any resort: Top 5 in the world.

March 17 – 25, 2017

Link to: St.Anton, Austria $1144



munich pano


Optional pre-trip before each ski week and before Slovenia:

Munich is one of Germany’s most historic and beautiful cities.

 March 7-11,  March 14-18, March 21-25, 2017          Link to:  Munich, Germany $399



Slovenia: Come discover this amazing country with us. 

7 day Post St. Anton trip or a stand-alone tour:

March 25 – April 2   $1498   Link to:Slovenia