2016: 3 Italy Ski Weeks and a Post Trip to Croatia

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Our longest Alps tour EVER: Three ski weeks in Italy followed by our longest post-trip EVER to Croatia. We are going BIG on our 21st Anniversary European Alps Tour.

Dan the Ski Man, president of Morningstar, and wife Deb on an Italian glacier last year near Courmayeur. Join us on our 21st Anniversary Alps tours  this March.

Dan the Ski Man, president of Morningstar, and wife Deb on an Italian glacier last year near Courmayeur. Join us on our 21st Anniversary Alps tours this March.

Call Skiman crazy (you won’t be the first!), but he is going bigger than ever this year for our annual European Alps ski tours and post extension tour to Croatia. We have never done THREE back to back ski weeks in our 21 year history of taking Americans to the Alps. But there is always a first for everything, and this is our year to do a trifecta of Italian Alps skiing. We have taken over 4,000 Americans to Europe over the past 20 years and we sure want to carry on in this same tradition. There is a perfect storm of reasons for us to do three ski weeks in Italy this year. The deals we were able to obtain were unbelievably excellent in Italy. ALL THREE of our ski weeks are $1259, and that is for international air, 7 nights in 4-star lodges daily breakfast and dinner, and all private transfers. The dollar continues to crush the Euro so everything across the pond is a bargain for us right now. 

Grantz Glacier tracks laid down by the Morningstar crew.  Come on over in 2016 and add some of your own turns to the mix!

Tracks laid down by the Morningstar crew last year in Italy. Come with us in 2016 and add some of your own turns into the mix!

Further, Skiman and Deb did a scouting trip to the Coast of Croatia in April last year after our ski tours and our Greek tour were over and absolutely fell in love with Croatia. We were determined to return with a big group of our Morningstar skiers in 2016 to share this magical place. We did not want to arrive in Croatia until the very end of March, which is the perfect time to go. Any earlier and some things are not open. So we decided to add another week of skiing to make the Croatia schedule work out.  Done: THREE SKI WEEKS IT IS!

Coastline of Split... Adriatic beauty at its best.

Coastline of Split… Adriatic beauty at its best.

 Croatia stunned us. We had no idea what to expect. All the rumors of a brilliant country full of history and beauty at bargain prices intrigued us. What we found on our 10 day scouting mission there surpassed our wildest expectations. So, in line with our “Go Big” mentality this year, we are offering our longest, most involved post ski trip ever. Croatia will start in VENICE and end in DUBROVNIK. You can do this tour as a post extension trip of our ski week or YOU CAN DO IT AS A STANDALONE!  There is no skiing involved and ANYONE can participate in our Croatian tour! All the information for all the tours are just a click away. See the menu below. Start clicking and start dreaming. 2016 is a year of affordable European dreams. Turn your dream into reality and join us for all or part of our Alps Fest 2016. You are MOST welcome!  

Dan the Ski Man and Deb

Before you check out 2016’s Europe tours, you might want to take a peak at some photos from last year’s ski tours and read Skiman’s essay about why he LOVES the Alps. 

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Have a look at our 2015 tour to Mont Blanc / Courmayeur, Italy pics

Check out the pics from 2015’s tour to Monte Rosa, Italy

SWEET powder shots by Paolo the guide in Monte Rosa 2015!

Italian Ski Weeks: $1,259 per ski week. Includes international air, 7 nights 4-star hotels, all private transfers. Discounts for doing multiple ski weeks. Click below for details.

madessimo-chute-2-skiers!-sMADESIMO, ITALY

March 4 – 12, 2016

bormio slopes and villageBORMIO, ITALY 

March 11 – 19, 2016

sestriere poster

March 18 – 26, 2016

dubrovnik from napoleon fortressCROATIA COAST 8 DAY POST TRIP

March 27 – April 4, 2016