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Morningstar Ski Tours About Us

Dan the Ski Man & his wife Deb

34 Years of Tours In:

  • America
  • Canada
  • Europe
  • New Zealand
  • Alaska
Morningstar Ski Tours began 34 years ago as a manifestation of passion for skiing. Dan the Ski Man, founder and president, flat out loves to ski. He has been at it for 48 years now and has skied on every continent except Antarctica. Skiman's desire to ski the best resorts in the world with his Morningstar family coming along is what this business is all about. Our skiers are the friendliest bunch of folks you can find on the slopes. They love the sport and each other. Morningstar is unique in one big way: Dan and his wife Deb GO ON EVERY TRIP WE OFFER. If there is a key to our longevity, it is probably this. People know we do tours only to places where we want to ski. We do not just book people and send them on their own. We are there enjoying every trip with our guests. That is why we do this business. It is all about getting to ski, plain and simple.

Morningstar Ski Tours Europe and AmericaWe’ve taken groups of skiers  to almost every  resort in the American and  Canadian Rockies, the European Alps,  as well as  heli-ski weeks in Alaska.  Additionally, we have done  summer ski tours to New Zealand and  to the Andes of South America. Our most memorable tours are our European Alps tours. We have offered 44 ski weeks over the past 22 years to the Alps of European countries, and have taken over 4,500 folks along with us. We know European skiing quite well. We hope to carry on doing the Alps for as long as possible. The skiing, the food, the culture, the experience: it is all stupendous in the European Alps. We always look forward to skiing with new folks and want to assure everyone that they will be warmly welcomed by our  Morningstar skiers. Skiing is always a wonderful experience, but it is infinitely more fun when you can share it with a group of friendly, like-minded folks. That is what Morningstar is all about. Come experience it for yourself.