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   We are truly going bigger than ever this year in Europe. For the first time EVER, we are offering THREE consecutive ski weeks in the Alps. And to make it even more amazing, we are going to offer our longest, most extensive post trip ever: to Croatia. We have 95% of the details worked out. As usual, an airline is the last piece of the puzzle holding us up. (Gee: what a surprise!)  Anyway, we want to let our skiers know what we have in store for Europe 2016. Below are the dates and a short summary of where we are going. We hope to have the site fully updated with all the details in a matter of weeks.  But we will tell you one thing: EVERY ONE OF OUR SKI WEEKS WILL BE $1259! That is for air, 7 nights 4 STAR hotels, breakfast and dinner, and charter transfers.  We got the BEST deals in forever on our tours this year. Are you kidding? $1259 for a week in Italy?  It is a great value. 

    To sweeten the deal, we are going to offer a 9 night customized tour of Croatia. Deb and I visited Croatia  last year on a scouting mission after our Greece tour, and we fell in love with the place. We are in the final stages of nailing down all details. It is going to be first class all the way with our own private guides, tours,  and transfers. Stay tuned! Below is the schedule and the resorts. You can do one, you can do all. You can do the third ski week and Croatia. Or you can do Croatia by itself as a stand-alone, for our non-skiing friends.

Week One: 3/4 – 3/12 :  MADESIMO, ITALY We have never repeated a resort in only 2 years, but we are repeating  this one. We LOVE the place!  We are going to offer a ski week that will have skiing for all levels and will also cater to expert skiers, as we are going to offer HELI-SKIING almost every day! This is the most charming ski village Skiman has ever been to.  We have to get back!

Week Two: BORMIO, ITALY: 3/11/19  We did a trip to Bormio many years ago. Skiman loved the village and the mountain was nice.  But at the time, for some stupid reason, off-trail skiing was not allowed, so to Skiman  it was boring.  But in recent years, they not only allow off-trail skiing, they have a whole designated free-ride zone for experts! Skiman can’t wait to get back to this lovely region and rip it up!  We will also ski the nearby resorts of Santa Catarina and Levigno. 

Week Three: SESTRIERE  (The Milky Way 7 resort complex) March 18-26… staying in a village new to us: Sauze d’ Oulx. The Milky Way is a huge interconnected region with 6 Italian and one French resort all on one ticket. It hosted the Olympics. It is awesome and huge.  Every time I have been there (three times) it has been a powder fest. I love it. We are  going back to ski it from a different village: quaint Sauze d’Oulx.  

Croatia: 3/26 – 4/4  In a word: Spectacular!   Deb and I did a scout trip there for 10 days last March/April and fell in love with the country. It is no mystery that it is the up and coming tourist region for all of Europe.  We FINALLY got our missing-link air component and we are now for sure going to offer this tour. The details will be on our site as soon as possible. We will offer a tour that includes: 1 night Venice, 2 nights Istrea region, day tour of Plitvice Lakes (absolutely unbelievable), one night in Split, 2 nights in jet-set island of Hvaar, 2 nights in Dubrovnik.  AND A NEW BONUS: We will fly out of neighboring Montenegro at the end of the trip, back to Milan. So, we will get to visit a spectacular Montenegro ancient city by a gorgeous bay before flying out.  All the pricing and logistical details will be up on our site as soon as I can get them there. Thanks for your patience. We have a lot of work to do!

   This is a nutshell view of our next European dream. It will be our 21st consecutive year in the Alps. We love it  there, especially Italy, and we will do all we can to get back again. Stay tuned for all the details. They will hopefully be coming to you soon. 

Cheers!  Dan the Ski Man / President/ Morningstar Ski Tours  and Deb (Mrs. Skiman)