Grand Canyon Float Trip May 2014

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May 15-23, 2014

*Float trip including all gear, meals, guiding

*Air to Las Vegas

*Hotel night pre-float in Marble Canyon

$ 2989

Be sure to watch our video from last year’s 2012 Grand Canyon tour.  It really rocks. It gives you a great idea of what this trip is all about.

Click here for photo gallery from our journey


There is no where on Earth like the Grand Canyon. Those fortunate enough to float it will never forget the experience. It is life changing.


Havasupai Creek offered a wonderful swimming break on our May 2012 Grand Canyon float trip.

We have offered many float trips over the years and have done every major river in the Southwest. We have loved each and everyone. But the grand daddy of them all, the Grand Canyon, had eluded us until 2012. In May of last year Morningstar took 19 of our skier friends down an epic 8 day journey thru the entire Grand Canyon. It was a journey that none of us will forget. The Grand Canyon lived up to its reputation as a place unlike anywhere else, a place of scenery and spirit, of serenity and excitement, a place that must be experienced by anyone who can afford the time and money. It was worth every penny spent on the price of admission. Now we are doing it again. We are excited beyond words at the thought of a do-over to this special place. We are inviting you to join us in May 2014 for a float trip in paradise. The best time to do this journey is either May or September early October otherwise it is just too hot during the summer months.

boat people

Moki Mac’s 36 foot rafts make for a comfortable and safe way to journey thru the canyon. You are in competent hands of the guides. We just float and have fun.


Our raft is dwarfed by the towering red walls of this stretch of the canyon. Every day was unique unto itself. Every day was a “Wow” day!


    Our outfitter

Moki Mac, an authorized Grand Canyon concessionaire based in Utah, has been running river tours for decades. They are excellent on every level. We used them for the first time on our Grand Canyon trip of 2012. We were completely pleased with every detail. The guides were personable and knowledgeable. The food was insanely gourmet and good! Be prepared to do nothing but eat top-shelf meals. The guides do all the cooking; your only job is to eat! The rafts used are impressive. 36 -foot long pontoon units that are very stable in the rapids. It is highly unlikely for one of these big boys to tip over, even in the biggest rapids. They provide an adventure-filled ride that keeps it fun yet very safe . We can’t say enough good things about Moki Mac. We are excited to get back on the river with them! They have agreed to give us last year’s price for our tour, avoiding the upcoming increase for 2014. Richard and Annie, the brother/sister owners, are holding 2 rafts just for our group on these dates. We are looking to fill both rafts with new and old friends alike. It will be a scenic blast that you will never forget!


There is plenty of white-water action on this 8 day float. It is a total blast to rip thru the rapids yelling all the way!


Fly to Las Vegas morning of May 15. Pick up by outfitter, transport to put-in point, Marble Canyon, AZ. Overnight at lodge at Marble Canyon ( included). May16-23 float down the Colorador River. EVERYTHING is included on this portion: all meals, camping gear (including tents). It is all taken care of. We will be using motorized rafts that have quiet 4 stoke motors. Generally, we prefer oar trips, but to do the entire length of the Grand Canyon (292 miles), oar trips take 3 weeks, which is too long for most people. So we are making an exception for the sake of expediency. Also, the motorized rafts will afford more time for day hikes and swimming adventures in gorgeous waterfalls, pools and side rivers along the way. On May 23, we end up in Las Vegas airport in the late afternoon. You can choose to stay an extra night or two or you can get to the airport and catch a plane home that same afternoon.

What is included

*The base air to Las Vegas. A set amount has been allocated for this in the trip price. If your air fare is more or less than the allocation, your trip cost will increase or decrease accordingly.

*Transport to Marble Canyon, AZ for pre-float lodging night. Very funky and cool lodge, a great way to start the journey.

*Double occupancy Marble Canyon Lodge first night (single occ. Add $45).


The guides do all the work. All you do is float, drink some wine and beer in camp, and eat a lot of great food… tough duty!

*Transport back to Las Vegas end of trip.

What is NOT included: Air taxes of @$25 tba at final, river park fee of @$12 tba at final.

COST: $2,989 per person. Single occ at Marble Canyon add +45.

DEPOSIT: A $400 deposit is needed NOW to reserve space. Space is limited to 2 rafts @22 people each.

Please call Skiman with questions. He has done multiple river trips over the years and can answer any question you might have.

 If you have the desire, the time, and the funds now is your moment of opportunity to visit one of the wonders of the world. This is going to be a dream.

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