Ski Trip Information

Morningstar_Ski_Tours_icon_06We organize every aspect of your tour: the air, the ground transport, the lift passes, the lodging (and in Europe, even most of the meals!). We often include optional non ski oriented activities as well.

For the experts: We organize backcountry guided skiing in Europe, the Southern Hemisphere tours and, if applicable, in the U.S. and Canada.
Our European Alps and South American tours always include pre and post trip extensions to amazing cities. These tours are a great non-skiing experience and afford the opportunity to learn more about the country, the culture, and the people. Our extension tours are every bit as much fun as our ski weeks!

We organize our tours so that there is maximum autonomy for our guests during a tour. All activities and group extras are optional. You can choose to participate or not. Our goal is to give you every opportunity to fully enjoy your ski tour on your terms.

Concerning costs: We are able to secure great prices because of group rates. Being a part of a group versus individual travel saves you money and saves you hassles.

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