• "Dan is mean and hurtful, but his ski trips are EPIC!"

    Ski Testimonial
    Keli Bedics, member of MorningStar family since 1999

  • Someone asked me once "Are you a good skier?" I replied, "for an overweight, beer-swilling, middle-aged, English City dweller, I'm brilliant, but compared to Bode Miller, I'm crap!" Whilst pondering this one particular day in March whilst in a long queue for a gondola, I heard a loud American plonker dressed as a pirate. I said to my wife, "Jeannie, whatever you do make sure we don't end up in the same gondola as Johnny Depp!" As we shuffled forward, to my horror, my worst fears were realized; I was going to spend the next 20 minutes listening to this Dan fella, shouting down his phone - "Man, we're gonna rip that mountain up, blah, blah, etc.etc" Then this Johnny Depp Dan fella started talking about his forthcoming heli-skiing day. Now this really caught my attention. Johnny Depp turned into DanTheSkiMan and I ignored my sniggering wife and turned to Dan and said "Hello matey, you haven't got room for one more in your helicopter have you?" Dan answered in his, now familiar, always enthusiastic manner: "If you can cut it, you can come!" We did a mutual "High-5" and that's where my friendship with Dan began. Since then, I have skied with Dan every year and am constantly amazed and amused by his organizational skills that always gets the show on the road. He is always driving for bargains for his fellow skiers, provides a fantastic holiday through prior research and never gets down in the mouth in the face of adversity. He is one of those people you always want to be around, especially when you aren't feeling on top of the world. This year, my wife and I have booked 2 further weeks skiing with Dan, trusting his knowledge and skills to find us a great deal and a fantastic set of ski resorts. I am also looking forward to meeting up our with our many American friends my wife and I have now made through Morningstar.

    George & Jeannie Attard

  • Morningstar's yearly ski trip to Europe has satisfied our need for backcountry, powder, trees, steeps, and all that other unbelievable terrain we've experienced the last four winters. We've shared so many amazing memories with the Morningstar family that we couldn't imagine what we would do without Skiman! As always, we're looking forward to this year's trip and spending our honeymoon with Morningstar skiing our butts off for two weeks straight!

    Jen Kalarites & Ryan Murphyh

  • "Traveling with Morningstar is an amazing adventure - South America, Europe, Alaska, and the many Rocky Mountain trips have been truly memorable!  Dan never fails to deliver whether it's a stunning heli day, untouched powder on a back country snowcat trip, zip lining in the jungle, cultural wonders, or simply great friends, food, and laughter!"


  • We've been going on trips with Morningstar for over fifteen years.  We just pick the trips we'd like to go on, send in the money, and Dan takes care of everything!  What could be easier?!

    Karen Rahn

  • Since 2005, I've enjoyed epic ski experiences in 9 Countries on 3 Continents with Morningstarskitours. Epic because of varied mountaintop slopes, après ski fun, super friends, and leaving the trip details to Skiman! My advice: Ski the world with Morningstar - the best by far!

    Ruby Peckford

  • I have been skiing with Dan and the Morningstar gang for the last 6+ years. As my spouse does not ski, it has been a great group to join. Everyone is friendly and there are people to ski with at all levels, many of whom have become friends. The back country &  snow cat packages that Dan puts together are outstanding, and Dan always finds great snow. I always look forward to the upcoming Morningstar trips to Europe, the Alps, Utah, Colorado, Idaho or wherever the best freshies as well as the fun pre &  post ski sightseeing trips.

    Mark Vibbard
    Mark Vibbard

  • We’ve been part of the Morningstar family since 1996, traveling with Dan to Europe, Chile, New Zealand, and all over Western North America. The family atmosphere, the diversity of people on the trips, and Dan’s talent for taking us to areas before they are discovered by the rest of the ski tour industry, will keep us traveling with Morningstar for as long as we are able to “point ‘em down.”

    Roger & Nancy Ingersoll

  • My first trip was Zermatt and around the Matterhorn and I've been hooked ever since (11 or 12 years now).  Dan manages to find great ski areas at reasonable prices.  Whether you are an expert or intermediate, you always find someone to ski with and make new skiing friends.  Amazingly, almost always the snow is superb. Try Morningstar with an open mind and you'll love the experience.  Even an old guy like me loves every minute.

    Rudy Schnabel

  • "Dan, thanks for all the wonderful ski trips with Morningstar.  I'll never forget skiing Courmayeur, Italy... schussing down various little valleys to quaint, cozy, picturesque lodges dotted around the slopes for drinks or a luxurious lunch.  I've also enjoyed your many fabulous domestic trips.  Big Sky, Montana was a blast....(a gorgeous mountain, virgin snow and no crowds), with side excursions to Yellowstone for snowmobiling or a snow coach tour, and who can forget Telluride with the end of season Pink Flamingo street parties!  You really pour yourself into your trips and the effort shows.  I hope to enjoy many trips in the future".

    Susan Bowles
    Susan B.

  • Morningstar trips rock! Backcountry experiences are awe inspiring and of course safe. New friendships are formed each and every excursion. We want to keep coming back again and again!

    Kevin and Kathy
    Kevin Finnegan and Kathy Duerksen

  • It's hard for me to believe that I've been skiing and traveling the world with Dan the Skiman and Morningstar for 20 years!  What's even more amazing, is that I'm not the only one who can say that.  That's the proof that the Morningstar family is truly special.  I've met some of my closest friends on Dan's trips, and those relationships have enriched my life.  You might ask, "What's Dan's secret?".  Well, I think it's his sense of adventure and his devotion to sharing that with everyone who travels with him.  Come with us, and see what I mean.


  • Some of the best times of my life have been traveling and skiing with the Morningstar “family” of friends.  From 1988 until 2011 I went on hundreds of trips, and was the only person (besides Dan) that went on every trip to Europe (both weeks plus pre/post trips).  Closing Telluride every year was always a joy, and the variety of ski venues was always something to look forward to.  Every trip was full of adventure and camaraderie, and we lived large.  Some of the friends have become lifelong friends, and some of the “extras” (like rafting the Grand Canyon) highlights in being alive.  I cherish the memories of both the excitement and the friends. Easter Island, 4 Trips to New Zealand (including Roratonga), Dog sledding in the Andes, Sicily, and staying in a castle in Ireland.

    Hank (Lucky) Rilling

    Scenic Cruiser

  • For several decades, I have been skiing with my wife in many places in Europe and in the North America. We both love skiing and spend most of our vacation time on slopes. I’ve been always organizing these skiing trips by myself because I had hard time to find someone similarly crazy willing to stay on slopes from the lift opening until the very last run every day. Five years ago, we went on our first trip with Dan and his Morningstar Company. Since that time, we have been on many Morningstar trips and Dan clearly changed our “skiing life” forever. Not only that we have met new friends and die hard skiers, but we have also discovered many new adventures, such as amazing powder skiing in trees, stunning heli-skiing in Alaska, or fantastic backcountry skiing with alpine guides in Europe. Dan’s never-ending enthusiasm, energy, and passion for skiing inspire us to come back every year for as many trips as possible with his Morningstar. Thanks, my friend! We are looking forward to ski with you and Morningstar friends again next season!

    Slava & Katerina Dvorak

  • For the past 10 yeas  I have been traveling with my boyfriend all over the world on adventures put together by Morningstar Ski Tours headed by "Dan the Skiman".  My boyfriend had been traveling with Morningstar for thirteen years before that, for a total of 23 years!  We've been with Morningstar to the European Alps, Canada, South America, and New Zealand.  Domestically we've skied with Morningstar in Colorado, Utah, New Mexico, Montana, Wyoming and Idaho.  Skiman always puts together great ski adventure packages, with superb accommodations at crazy low prices!   The trips always attract a really wonderful group of people to ski or hang with too.  We've made many new friends through these travels.   Wherever we go in the world we have so much FUN!!

    Grand Tetons WY
    Elizabeth osgrove

  • I have skiied with Dan 20 years this year.  I have gotten to ski all over the world with Morningstar. I have made great friends and ripped the coolest places. Heliskiied in Europe, Alaska, New Zealand and Canada.  Also backcountried many places in the US and Europe as well. As you can see in my pic, no room left on the helmet for stickers.  No frills just really good people and really great skiing.  Got Pow Pow??  Nate the Great

    Dr. Nathan S. Conlee